forgotten trends Flappy bird

Overnight, Flappy Bird became one of the most influential mobile games in history. You were playing it, I was playing it, and I’m sure your mother was playing it as well. Due to addiction issues and the toll it took on developer Dong Nguyen’s life, the game was taken down. Making it big as an indie developer is undoubtedly difficult. It’s been nearly a year since Flappy Bird was taken down in February of last year. Have we completely forgotten about the incredibly difficult game? Maybe it’s because all the hair we shaved off our heads has grown back, but the industry seems to have forgotten about the overnight sensation.The game’s concept is straightforward. You’re piloting a bird, a wide-eyed, 8-bit yellow bird with no tail and serious navigational difficulties.There is only one objective. To make Flappy fly, tap the screen and guide it safely through a maze of metal pipes. To get a single point, navigate through a narrow gap between pipes. However, if the little bird comes into contact with a pipe, it dies with a loud smack, nose-diving from the pale blue sky to the ground.”Flappy Bird” appears to be so simple, so pointless, that you become enraged when you realize how difficult it is to keep the creature alive. You must obviously continue playing until you obtain at least one point.