former inmates

● A thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph● Introduction, body, and conclusion● Transition words or phrases between paragraphs with new ideas● Facts and examples (from your outside sources) that are supportive of your thesis● Your own words to explain why you used these sources● Citations and references list (the Works Cited)
Two-Page Essay Structure
IntroductionHere are its objectives:● To attract your reader’s attention.● To state the topic and subtopics you will cover in the content.● To provide context and background information on the topic.● Remember: Include the thesis statement at the close of the introduction.
Body ParagraphsThis is the “meat” of your essay. Therefore, you should do the following:● Support your thesis with two to four arguments.● Arrange those arguments logically–problem first, then the solution(s) you researched.● Provide evidence (what you found from your outside resources) and analysis.