funeral sermon: The Lord is my shepherd

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Funeral Sermon


Psalms 23:4 (Links to an external site.)


28 year old African-American


Today we have gathered to say goodbye to a dear friend and son of this church. Death can sometimes show up in unexpected ways and times. Death can be unemotional and uncaring as it takes our loved one home. The very thought of going on without our loves one and friend can cause tears to flow, sadness, and unbearable grief. But God is faithful. He is even with us when death is all around. God can carry us through the valley of death. There is no greater text to see this than the 23rd Psalm.


The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want or lack. A shepherd watches over his sheep by providing for them and protecting them. A shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. A shepherd can keep his sheep from danger, whether it’s predators or pestilence. But can a shepherd handle my death or the death of a loved one? My Shepherd can handle death! Can your shepherd handle death?


The Lord as my Shepherd walks with me through the valley of the shadow of death. Death can’t rule and reign as long as He is with me. His presence and power are displayed with His rod and staff. His rod is for correction and His staff is for direction. God is even present today holding us and helping us. He is holding us by promising us that He is with us. He is helping us when He comforts us. The question today is whether you will allow the Lord to hold you and help you through this valley experience. Trust Him as your shepherd because He can carry you through this valley when no one else can!

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