Further research on bio topic “excursive”

Must post first.Part 1:Please do further research on your topic. Tell us what you learned. (250 words) (30 pts)Here are some suggestions for additional information to include in this postIf a disease, what is its cause, how does it manifest, how common is it, risk factors, prevention, treatment etc.If a type of organism, what are its classification, characteristics, habitat, role in the ecosystem, importance to humansIf a substance, what is its chemical nature, what are its properties, where is it obtained from (or how is it made)If a procedure, what is it used for, how common is it, how risky is itProvide 2 references. (5 pts)Provide one pic. (5 pts)Part 2: Peer responsesComment on 2 other students’ posts. (100 words each) (10 pts total) Specifically tell us: 1) something that you found interesting about their topic and 2) something that you would like more information onYou must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads