Gender Identity and Parenting Styles

A) Please watch the documentary: Parents and Children and read Parenting Styles.Reflect on your early childhood, thinking about how you were parented. Please provide specific example from your own life story throughout your post and answer the following questions:What are the four major parenting styles and provide a brief description of each.Which of the four parenting styles did your parents tend to use most?How did you come to this conclusion and what evidence is there to support it?How is (or would) your own parenting and discipline styles be different or the same from what you experienced in early childhood? Why? How might culture influence parenting styles and consider how your particular culture might influence your parenting style?Initial post is a minimum of 500 words (not including references)Initial post is made by due date posted in the scheduleInitial post reference and cities the textbook and one additional academic source using correct APA