Genetic Testing ethical issues

Discuss ethical issues that arise when genetic testing reveals a fetal anomaly (abnormality) from the perspective of a Healthcare professional. How should such a difficult circumstance be handled?
ThinkingAs an idealistic, newly degreed Healthcare professional, you want to be all things to all people.1) You want to open more access to healthcare.2) You want the care to be of high quality.3) You want the care to be affordable.Discuss if these three goals are really achievable, and, if not, what programmatic changes might be made to help accomplish each of the three components. This is very topical, given the struggle in the USA to deal with healthcare and health insurance challenges.
Create a 1-2 page Word document (excluding the title page) Use page headers andnumbers, level headings, and in-text citations, following all APA formattingrequirements.