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So I found that this week’s information was easier and not as bad to digest as last week’s information, as there was an extreme amount of information to retain as well as math to learn. That being said, I did find myself confusing the sex-limited inheritance, sex-linked inheritance, and sex-influenced inheritance. In order to try to counteract my confusion, I found a short video online to explain the differences and compare those. I found this video to be pretty simple to understand as he first mentions that the easiest one to remember is the sex-linked inheritance, since it is just found on x or y chromosomes. He then goes on to mention how sex-limited and sex-influenced inheritance can be determined by knowing that they are both found on autosomes (any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome), while sex-linked is only found on chromosomes. Sex-influenced inheritance can be determined by hormones, and both sexes can have them while sex-limited is “limited” to only one sex, as he mentions lactating is an example of this.