Geopolitical Position of Egypt

Based on the current geopolitical situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region in the field of energy, you would need to:
a. Apply the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) in the case of Egypt, in the context of energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. It is noted that it is not enough to simply quote-describe each feature to be listed in this SWOT analysis, but any reference to each known feature should be accompanied by support/ justification as to the driver’s cause/ force thereof(otherwise known as driving force) as well as with the appropriate bibliographic source/reference.
b. As it is well known, there are many models and theoretical approaches available for describing the energy security of a country/actor in an area. You are requested to apply one of the available models of theory to describe and critically evaluate the energy security of Egypt.
c. Based on the above, you are required to propose the appropriate energy security strategy for the case of the examined country. Egypt. 3000 words due on 20th June