Graphic Organizer

Please, place your bids Subject : Algebra 1 State: Louisiana Create a graphic organizer of your choice (thinking map, timeline, etc.) that you feel represents the top 5 critical factors and/or events that have influenced the field of curriculum as it relates to you as a professional. There are many options from which to choose, and there are no right or wrong answers as long as you adequately support your choices. This can be chronological or grouped by types of influences, just be reflective and detailed in your choices. You can incorporate brief narratives into your graphical organizer or you can follow it up with a summary narrative if that works better for you. You will need to attach this as a separate document (Word or PDF) in your forum post. For example: A science person may follow the influences of Louisiana science curricular frameworks from inception in the 1990`s, national shifts to NGSS in the early 2000`s, to the most recent Louisiana adoption of standards.