Guru discussion

1.Blanchard and Thacker (2013) state that on-the-job training is “the most frequently used training method” (p. 225).  Have you experienced any on-the-job training?  If so, were any of Gagne-Briggs’ Nine Events incorporated into the training?  Describe the training and how some or all of Gagne’s events were incorporated.

Blanchard, P. N., & Thacker, J. W. (2013). Effective training: Systems, strategies, and practices (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
2.You have been asked to develop a diversity awareness training session for managers.  This will be the first in a series.  The goal of this first session is to introduce the company’s policy regarding diversity and the importance of having a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.  Review the examples of learning objectives in the Writing Good Learning Objectives (I-TECH, 2010) reading, then write two specific learning objectives for the session and discuss why you think they will ensure that the training goal is achieved.