Hairspray (2007)

The movie hairspray is provided via Netflix.The paper should be typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins and no largerthan 12 -point Times New Roman font and should include a brief synopsis of theproduction (no more than one paragraph and less than a quarter of the paper’slength) as well as a critical response discussing areas and ideas covered inclass.The paper should be no less than two full pages in length. Please proofread yourpaper to insure proper grammar and spelling and that your thoughts are clearand comprehensible.All responses should be submitted to the D2L dropbox in .PDF format on orbefore the due date.MORE GUIDELINES FOR PLAY ANALYSIS PAPERS:The German romantic playwright, philosopher, and critic Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe (1749 -1832) offered a simple formula for play analysis that has beenused for hundreds of years; provided below.1. What is the artist trying to do?This question will help determine the direction of your analysis. If you understandthe intention of the artist, you will understand the reasons for his or her choices.Put aside your opinion of the play and identify the artist’s purpose. What is theartist trying to say? What is the artist’s goal?Can you explain why the artist chose to bring this particular work into being?2. How well has the artist done it?By answering this question, you judge the degree of success the artist hasachieved in achieving the goal you identified in answer to the first question. Howdo the artist’s techniques, methods, and talents help to achieve the goal? Howeffective is the play in fulfilling the artist’s intention?3. Is it worth doing?The final question is whether the finished work of art was worth the artist’s andthe audience’s time and effort. Does the play have new, interesting ideas? Will it help us understand the world, or understand it in a new way? If it didn’t communicate to you, did it communicate to anyone else?For example, a standard response should follow this outline:-Paragraph One: Introduction-Paragraph Two: What is the playwright trying to say?•Why this title?•What are the themes?•Is it realistic? If not, why choose to tell a story this way? If so, how does it tell the story?•GIVE EXAMPLES-Paragraph Three: How well is the playwright doing it?•Give at least three specific examples of moments in the play.-Paragraph Four: Was it worth writing / reading?•Give at least three specific examples of moments in the play.-Paragraph Five: Conclusion