Halfway Houses and Community-Based Correctional Facilities

Halfway Houses and Community-Based Correctional FacilitiesHalfway houses and community-based correctional facilities (CBCFs) are residential programs that provide supervision, treatment, and comprehensive programing for offenders on felony supervision. Both programs are vital components of a community justice continuum providing services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, electronic monitoring, job placement, educational programs, and more.For this assignment, you will research a halfway house organization and a community-based correctional facility from your area. In your essay, you will compare and contrast the major characteristics of the post-release function of the corrections system, and provide the following explanations.Explain how the facility and halfway house you researched are structured. How are offenders supervised?Explain who funds the facility and halfway house. What is their affiliation to their respective state departments of corrections?Identify some of the challenges people may face in the facility and halfway house. What programming is offered to address these barriers?Your completed essay should include an introduction and utilize material from at least two sources including the textbook. The sources must be dated within the past five years and must be cited and referenced in your essay according to APA guidelines. Finally, your completed essay must be at least two pages in length, not counting the references page.