Hazardous Materials

Imagine that you are involved with a hazardous material spill response or cleanup operation. Describe a cleanup or response plan that you might put into place, and describe what you believe would be your role in it.

An effective spill response procedure should consider all of the items below. The complexity and detail of the plan will depend upon the physical characteristics and volume of material being handled, their potential toxicity, and the potential for releases to the environment. The considerations include ; stop the source of the spill first, stop the spreading of the spill, clean up the spill,using the  appropraite PPE. File an incident report. Review safety data sheets ( SDSs) or other references for recommended spill cleanup methods and materials, and the need to PPE ( respirators, gloves, protective clothing etc}. Acquire sufficient quantities and types of appropraite spill control materials to contain any spills that can be reasonably anticipated. Acquire personal protective equipment and training in its proper use. Place spill control material s and PPE in a readily accessible location within or immediately adjacent to laboratory. Develop a spill response plan that include ; names and telephone numbers of individuals to be contacted in the event of a spill. Evaluation plans for the room or building as appropraite. Inventory of spill control materials. Discuss spill response plans with all employees in the area.
                      My role will be lines of authority, training , and communication. I should be able to have power over all the employees so they can follow the plan of spill response. Also, I should be able to train or make sure all employees are able to handle spill situations in a safe way and I must communicate will all employees the SDSs of spills and other important safety information.