Hello,This will be our final week together. I know you lives will feel meaningless

Hello, This will be our final week together. I know you lives will feel meaningless without me in them, and will be, but be strong. After reading what all of these philosophers have had to say, it is finally your turn Read Rachels Chapter 13. Participate in our final Discussion Forum, (sniff). Start between Monday and Wednesday. Have at least one reply in by Saturday. This weeks assignment is for you to produce, individually, a reflective assessment of this class and what you have learned during the class period. For our final assignment,you will create a reflective assessment of your learning experience and the collaborations you engaged in throughout this session. This will come in the form ofboth a written and oral presentation that uses a PowerPoint narrated slide show. For the written presentation,I introduce you to a moral cripple named Jane who has failed a significant moral test each week of this class. The instructions includeher pathetic play-by-play. For the written reflection, address Jane Does and respond to the following: Articulate again your moral theory from week eight discussion (You can revise it if you wish). What two ethical theories best apply to it? Why those two? Apply to Jane Does case your personal moral philosophy as developed in week eight discussion and now. Use it to determine if what Jane Doe did was ethical or unethical per your own moral philosophy. Consider if some of these examples are more grave instances of ethical transgressions than others. Explain. Propose a course of social action and a solution by using the ethics of egoism, utilitarianism, the veil of ignorance method, deontological principles, and/or a theory of justice to deal with studentslikeJane. Consider social values such as those concerning ways of life while appraising the interests of diverse populations (for instance, those of differing religions and economic status). For the oral presentation, briefly summarize your feelings about taking a course in Ethics and explore your process of transformation in this course. Discuss your experiences of the course, your beginnings, and where you are now. Consider your interaction in discussions. Should health care workers be required to take a course in Ethics? Why or why not

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