History Case Study Assignment

Choose a topic drawn from the survey of music history discussed in Weeks 5-12 of the course andcreate a case study of approximately 750 words. Possible topics may include a specific composer,musician, or band addressed in the course or a related piece of music or album.If you choose to write about a specific composer, musician, or band, you should relate the relevantlived experience to the musical output as best as you can as well as to the broader musical trends,social attitudes, and historical events of the time.If you choose to write about a specific piece of music or album, be sure to discuss who was involvedin creating it, and relate the music and the lived experience of the personnel involved to the broadersocial and cultural context.Due: 11:59 p.m. (E.D.T.) Friday, 22 AprilGuidelinesTo get the highest mark for this assignment, you must:– Make sure your response is approximately 750 words.– Make sure you address these THREE THEMES:1.) Who was involved? (biography)2.) Cultural context (attitudes and events)3.) Relationship to musical trends (musical parameters)– Refer to musical examples.– Cite your sources.– You can use any citation format you wish, but I need to be able to see which information comesfrom which source (i.e., footnotes or author-date, or similar).– I DISCOURAGE you from using WIKIPEDIA – but if you do, you must cite it!– Try to produce at least a few key points I did not already say in the presentations if you can.You will need to do some research for this paper – and cite as needed!MUS 115 – Spring 2022Page 2 of 3PromptsThe following prompts are to help you to organize your work and to help you to get started.You do not have to include an answer to every question presented here in your case study, but youdo need to address the broader themes of Biography, Cultural Context, and Musical Trends and use specific musical examples.Biographical information:– What are the birth- and death-dates for the people involved?– Where did they live (city/country)?– Did they travel? Were they touring musicians?– Do you think where they lived or where they traveled to had an impact on their music?– Why or why not? Can you provide context?– Did anything happen to them personally that you think might have had an impact on their music?Cultural Context (Social attitudes and historical events):– What was going on broadly around the time and place that they lived?– Were there any wars or other major social events?– Did anything happen with the church, the government, or other authorities?Musical trends:– How was their music received at the time?– Was it talked about or ignored?– Was it well-received or did it cause riots?– Was the music in keeping with broader musical trends of the time or did it buck them?Did it in some way do both?– Think of some way of contextualizing how the music is different to what was going on at the sametime and/or also how it might be similar.– Did they know and interact with any other composers/musicians?– How does the musical style or genre relate to other movements current in the same period?– Are there musical influences active in the same era (contemporaneous) to the music you are writingabout?MUS 115 – Spring 2022Page 3 of 3Grading CriteriaBroadly speaking, the assignment will be graded roughly equally on these four components:1.) General information (25 points – word count, references, coherence of writing style)2.) Biographical information (25 points – clearly articulated and well evidenced information)3.) Cultural context (25 points – clearly articulated and well evidenced information)4.) Musical trends (25 points – clearly articulated and well evidenced information)Extra CreditFor up to 30 points extra credit (in relation to a total 100 points for the assignment), produce atimeline placing the topic of your choice in a broader chronological context.In the case of a specific composer, musician, or band, this would include the dates of significantcompositions or releases and other events in the life of personnel involved.Similarly, if your case study focuses on a particular piece or album, place it in the context of otherworks by the same musician(s) and/or other works in the relevant style, genre, etc.The timeline may be drawn up either by hand and photographed/scanned or made directly at thecomputer. Points will be awarded for good presentation as well as for the accuracy and relevance of the information.