How does fear function as a galvanizing impulse?

1. Gage(2011) and Skole and Kostanje (2013) make the case that the history ofterrorism and the history of fear have had an impact on the way we understandterrorism in the modern era. Make the case for your interpretation for howterrorism functions in the state and among the population. How does fearfunction as a galvanizing impulse? Is fear of the ‘other’ in society part ofthe elements of terrorism that makes it effective? How does the status quo playa role in understanding what does and does not constitute terrorism?USE THIS ARTICLE (Terrorismand the American Experience: A State of the Field)
2. Debateand interpret the role of the Declaration of Independence (attached to Midterm)as an insurgency inspiring document. To what self-evident truths does thedocument use for justification? Does the document list a set of grievancesagainst their rule/occupation? How do non-white citizens fair in theconstruction of the document?USE THIS ARTICLE (Declarationof Independence: A Transcription)
3. Haveintelligence agencies effectively gained the trust of Americans? What is theoversight process that helps them appear legitimate?USE THIS ARTICLE (ENEMIEOF INTELLIGENCE AND History of the CIA)
4.Take a series of covert active measures(spying, collection, assassination, coups, cyberwar/influence,) and are arguefor which you feel is the most effective and successful.