How does the bell curve theory work in music?

(3000 words) present a case study that explores the musical development of an emerging artist who has released a recording within the last 12 months.
Whose interests are being representedCan what they say be supported by additional data?How reliable are theyHow recent are they?Do they make a good comparative model –if yes why If no why not?What is does the act stand for?What is the genre?Who is the network?Make a map to locate Where they are in the music ecosphere?What can be learnt?How does the bell curve theory work in music?What might be the things that influence musical trends?How has streaming impacted this?Network map – specific to band (what is their network, what other bands have they worked with) and general genre map?Musical influences – historical and presentProducers / Mixers / A&R / tour support, features and social links and how they are reflected in career . – how do these relationships contextualise the artist within their musical world?Sonic development – how has their music developed from first releases/demos/content? (structure, arrangement, song length, lyrical content) – does this relate to any key relationships eg producersNegus + Bryne – Negus says what do we look for? What is the relevance of these areas with the artist ? Engage with the theory.Tipping pointsContextualise within the contemporary music industryHistory of genre connect to the band – critically analyse the nature of the genreBe careful of the line between fandom and researchStrong historical context / history – related to the sound of the music / contextualising this within modern industry / nostalgia!Strong current context and comparison – related to sound of music