How your brain works and how the past year or personal life challenges may effect how you think and act.

As the Covid-19 crisis ebbs in the U.S., experts brace for some to experience psychological fallout

Respond to the article. You may also use the video to support what you say or add to your observations, but you must respond to the article.What do I mean by “respond”? Think about how the articles apply to you. Following are not questions that you have to answer. They are here only to help you think about your response:How do you feel about what the author has to say? Does it apply at all to your responses to the past year?Has the article made you to change your mind about anything, or has it reinforced what you already thought?Were you surprised at anything in the article?Did anything in the article help you to understand something about yourself and your reactions?Do you disagree with anything in the article?Does your experience match what the article says?Structure of ResponseIn a short 3-4 sentence introduction, with the basic ideas from the article you chose. Remember to use the author’s name and the title of the article you are referring to. End the paragraph with your thesis.You should have 2-3 body paragraphs.End with a very brief conclusion–2-3 sentencesIf you need to review the parts of an essay, you can do so in our materials and in the text book linked to our class.You must refer to the ideas in the article you read at least once. Make sure to use signal phrases and citations.StipulationsBecause part of this paper uses examples from your life, you can use 1st person, but remember not to use “I think” or “I believe.”Do not say “It seems like….” This makes you sound unsure of your ideas.The paper must be presented in MLA format as outlined in the syllabus.If you state the title of one of the articles, put it in quotation marks, and make sure to capitalize correctly.Do not use quotes for this paper, but do refer to the articles, so any information you use will introduce the author and then be written in your own words. This is called paraphrasing.You must mention one of the articles in the paper, have a signal phrase, and put it in the works cited.Your last page, not part of the required pages, is the Work Cited or Works Cited depending on how many of the sources you use. If you use more than one, they should be in alphabetical order.


Module 5 Theme Analysis

How your brain works and how the past year or personal life challenges may effect how you think and act.

How your brain works and how the past year or personal life challenges may affect how you think and act.

Second Wave Civilizations and Pompeii

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Love and romance are often considered individual and private experiences. How might we also understand love and romance as shaped by society or culture? Draw on at least one SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY in your response.


Senior Project Paper – Effects of Ototoxic Chemicals and Occupational Exposure to Humans

In Herman Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” what accounts for the narrator’s oddly indulgent
attitude toward the titular character? Why not immediately fire and forget the rebellious
employee? In our discussions so far, we’ve mentioned compassion, fascination, self-interest, and
even admiration as potential motivators. Are any of these sufficient, or does the text suggest
more complex reasons? Why, in your reading, is the scrivener allotted such extraordinary

“I believe education is the engine room of equity. The engine room of opportunity” (Kevin Rudd, election campaign speech, 2007).