HR Application: Global and Cultural Effectiveness

This discussion replicates a situation you may be faced with while sitting for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP examination.
HR Application
You are an HR professional working in the diversity office of a corporate IT firm that has almost 35,000 employees. You are at the corporate headquarters, and you get a call from a peer in the HR field who is having a difficult time with new employees from three different regions of the same nation. The issue is about the use of microwaves and food preparation in a recently renovated lunchroom that is used by employees of a regional IT support center that services a government agency. The lunchroom can only be described as first-rate and the facility is very attractive, highly functional, and capacious. There are people from 22 nations working in the facility.

The global and cultural issues to be addressed here are a bit complex. The employees from one foreign nation are there in fairly large numbers. There are about 600 employees at this location and 110 of them are from three different regions of one country. Each region has its own dialect, but more interestingly, the foods are quite different and their faiths are also different. The North Americans and employees of Hispanic and Asian descent are interested in the foods from all three regions, and there is competition among the three groups to share food. At the same time, two of the three groups do not want the third group to use their space or utensils. These two groups space out their lunchtimes and exclude the other group. This excluded group has now moved their lunchtime operations into the senior lunchroom, which is quite small and really cannot support their needs. The leaders have been cordial and actually welcomed them, though they do seem a bit uncomfortable with some religious rituals going on during food preparation.
Using this HR application, draw on your knowledge and experience to respond to the following:

What would you do in this situation?
What assumptions are you making that may affect your decision?
What recommendations would you make to the peer, and how would you communicate your recommendations to her?

Your initial post should be succinct, have at least 150 words, and demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing.