“I believe education is the engine room of equity. The engine room of opportunity” (Kevin Rudd, election campaign speech, 2007).

It’s an Argumentive Essay. MUST demonstrate serious, critical engagement with the readings provided. You MUST NOT make use of any online sources unless they are discussed. Is education the “engine room of equity” or a means of reproducing and reinforcing existing inequalities? Can and should education play a role in creating a more equal society? Discuss, with detailed reference to two sociological theories.Make sure to make appropriate and accurate use of Harvard referencing – that includes in-text referencing and a reference list. Harvard Australia.The essay MUST include at least three appropriate and accurate uses of quotation and/or paraphrase to support each of the two views examined.Most importantly, the essay must carefully examine two opposing arguments – it is not a persuasive essay.what to include: discuss the ways in which education both provides a means of overcoming inequality but also reproduces existing structural inequalities.compare and contrast how functionalists explain and justify structural inequalities, versus how conflict theorists (Marxist or Marxist feminist) explain and critique structural inequalitiesI’m attaching a few pdf and powerpoint that you must use to help with the essay, i have also attached the rubric if it helps you.the essay is supposed to at least 1250 words but I dont have that much money rn It would be amazing if you could help me out but It’s okay, I’m really sick thats why I cant do anything. Thank you one again ♥