IBM and Germany Case Homework

Read the IBM Case. As you read it, think about the following questions. Try to identify as manyproblems that IBM faced as you can. Focus only on these three questions and answer them ascompletely as you are able in no less than 1 full page, and no more than 2 full pages, double-spaced, 11or 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font, with 1 inch margins. This homework will be graded withthe Writing Matters Rubric. Please review the rubric to see how your grade will be determined. Cite thesources. You may use any recognized citation form.This assignment is due in Canvas on September 22th, 2021, by 11:59 p.m. Your paper must be reviewedby Turnitin software for originality and writing. I do not accept late homework and it must go intoCanvas in a format that can be opened and is assessable by Turnitin (Word or rtf.).
1. What are the problems that IBM faced?
2. Which problems are legal problems? Which problems are ethical problems? IBM may faceother business problems that cannot be categorized as legal or ethical, what kind of problemsare these?
3. Out of the problems that you identified which problem is the most important to address? Why?Write your submission like a paper, in complete sentences and paragraphs, not bullet points.