Identify a contemporary political, social, or economic issue.

The paper should do the following:1. Identify a contemporary political, social, or economic issue.2. Determine how the issue affects different racial, ethnic, class, and/or gender groups.3. Evaluate the political response of two (2) different countries to the issue.4. Construct an alternative policy.5. Predict the possible consequences of the alternative policy.3
A paper with no parenthetical source citations in its body will receive a grade of 0. A paper with no works cited section (a.k.a. list of references, a.k.a. bibliography) at the end of the body will receive a grade of 0.FORMAT REQUIREMENTS:6. Typed, 5-6 pages (not counting Works Cited Page), 12-point font, double-spaced (-25 ifthe paper is less than 5 pages).7. Your name, my name, POSC 2353, and the date.8. A title is required, but a separate title page is not necessary.9. An introduction with a thesis/statement of purpose in the first paragraph: “This paperwill…” (-10 if this is not done)10. A logically organized and sequenced body followed by a clearly stated conclusion (-15 ifthis is not done).11. Cite at least 5 reliable, quality references from scholarly sources within the body of thepaper using the author-date parenthetical style. They must match the sources in the Works Cited Page at the end of the paper. Example of sources will be available in Canvas.12. Use of the Chicago Manual of Style’s parenthetical citation format. Students must be very careful and pay attention to details when they examine and cite internet sources.13. Use of footnotes or endnotes is prohibited (-20 if this is done).14. Using encyclopedias, like Wikipedia, Ballotpedia,,, etc. isprohibited (-10 points).