Identify a large company to be your mentor company to analyze and formulate its global marketing strategy.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 4:Social and Cultural Environments, Chapter 5: The Political, Legal, andRegulatory Environments, and Chapter 6: Global Information Systems and MarketResearch. Watch the BUS622 Week 2 Assignment video with SteveForbes and the BUS622 Week 2 video with Bill Davislocated above.This assignment will give you a head start for your Week 6Global Marketing Plan Part 2 Final Paper that will be completedat the end of the course. As Part 1 of this assignment, you will choose a“mentor company” that you will refer to throughout this course.In your paper,·Identify a largecompany to be your mentor company to analyze and formulate its global marketingstrategy.o The company cannot be any of the following:McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Starbucks, or Pepsi.o Select one of the following companies:Anheuser-Busch InBev, FedEx, Samsung, H&M, American Express, Taco Bell,Uber, Zappos, Airbnb, Target, Amazon, KIA, or PayPal.o If you would like to select a company that isnot listed, please reach out to your instructor for approval.·Under an EnvironmentalAnalysis headingo Construct an environmental analysis for yourchosen company in the global arena and regarding the below factors:§ Economic§ Trade§ Social and Cultural§ Political, Legal, and Regulatory·Under a General Strategyheadingo Based on your environmental analysis, identifya country in one of the following regions for your company to expand to. Ifyour company is already in a selected country, you will examine their globalmarketing strategy in that areas and formulate your own successful strategy:§§ Latin America§ Middle East§ Africao Explain your rationale for selecting thecountry in one of those regions. To explain your rationale, consider thefollowing criteria in that selected region and particularly in your selectedcountry and analyze how these criteria impacted your decision to expand to thatcountry§§ Demographic§ Economic§ Trade§ Social factors§ Cultural Factors§ Legal Factors§ Political FactorsThe Global Marketing Plan Part 1 paper·Must be three to five double-spacedpages in length (not including title and references pages) and formattedaccording to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an externalsite.) resource.·Must include aseparate title page with the following:o Title of papero Student’s nameo Course name and numbero Instructor’s nameo Date submitted·Must use at least twoscholarly sources in addition to the course text.