Identify a major health problem afflicting a region/country and provide a proposed solution.

Assume you are the Region or Country Director for the World Health Organization (WHO). You will identify a major health problem afflicting a region/country and provide a proposed solution (a health education intervention or health administration change) with expected outcomes (based on what is currently known in the literature). You will work on the paper in pieces:
1) Research Paper Outline2) Literature Review (Safe Assign: Less than 25%)3) Proposed Programming and Expected Outcomes (Safe Assign: Less than 25%)
Proposed Programming: In 2 pages, you will provide details of a solution that should successfully alleviate the health problem in your region/country (you should be able to find the “right” solution in your literature review). Your program proposal(s) should involve proven methods (support with research) and based on programs previously implemented even if in a different countries. Your intervention should be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.Expected Outcomes: In 2 pages, based on what you have learned from your literature review write up what types of improvement should be seen as a result of your specific intervention. You should provide baseline statistics/measure (with citations) with realistic, expected statistics/measures (with citations), following the SMART guide above – be specific; over what time period should these results happen? If additional parallel outcomes are also expected, be sure to mention them.
literature review can also be two pages
The research paper outline can be one or two pages