Identify and utilize teaching/learning principles to facilitate achievement of learning goals and outcomes.

1. Purpose: To document andevaluate teaching skills necessary to provide teaching to an individual clientwith a demonstrated need. With the completion of this assignment the studentwill be able to achieve the following objectives.Demonstrateability to thoroughly assess the learning styles of an individual orfamily using given developmental or cultural models.Demonstrateability to anticipate learning needs based on developmental or culturalassessments.Identifyand utilize teaching/learning principles to facilitate achievement oflearning goals and outcomes.Selectand prioritize learning strategies based on the developmental or culturalassessment to achieve learning goals and outcomes.Supportrationales for teaching plan using teaching and learning theories fromrequired readings with references2. Nursing Competencies:Assessingand identifying developmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factorsaffecting a client.Providingevidence-based health information and teaching based on developmental,cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a client or familyIntegratingteaching/learning activities into client interactions based ondevelopmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a client orfamily.Incorporatinghealth promotion and teaching into the plan of care based ondevelopmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a family orclient.3. Plan: submitted to the clinicalinstructor during the teaching experience. Your clinical instructor mustapprove the topic.Developnursing diagnosis (NANDA)Developtwo (2) learning objectivesStatemethodology (teaching methods)Provideand utilize teaching aidsStateneeded resources


What is the message in this text, or what is the lesson it teaches us?

What does the work reveal about the operations (economically, politically, socially, or psychologically) of patriarchy?

Explain why was America an unfamiliar new world to native Americans after European arrival in the 1600?

What recommendations do you have for the city leaders concerning future financial decision?

. Describe the world you come from and how you, as a product of it, might add to the diversity of the university.

Discuss the
ethical implications of this proposal from the VP of Operations.

Write an essay on how do we stop violence in America ?

Write a research paper that should include the following name, where it’s played, the rules, its popularity, and if it’s of any cultural significance.

What events or aspects of the Vietnam War does the work reflect?

What issues on the quiz do you feel are the most important?