Identify at least 2 Iowa core standards that would be taught through this unit.

Personalized Learning is not a method, but a philosophy about learning and teaching. It is a move from teacher-centered classrooms to student-centered classrooms. Personalized Learning has become the newest movement for school districts. My former district has a multiple year plan to move the district (K-12) to a personalized learning environment. As of 2020, the district is within 5 years of their timeline.It is important to understand that Personalized Learning is not about technology. When you study the history of education in America, you will find that Personalized Learning is not new. In fact, you could argue that the one-room school houses in early America where a personalized learning environment. Personalized learning is about giving each student what they need to grow as a learner. That means that each child will be taught using many methods and strategies – direct instruction, blended learning, cooperative learning, lecture, etc.Complete the PERSONALIZED LEARNING TASK below:Use the 3 resources linked to learn more about Personalized Learning.Research other resources that provides information about Personalized Learning.Create an outline of a possible Personalized Learning unit you would like to teach. Your outline should include the following:Identify a content area – math, science, literacy, social studies – any content, your choiceIdentify at least 2 Iowa core standards that would be taught through this unit.Find, or write, an activity that will be used to engage students as “Kick off” for the unit. This could be a simulation, a hands-on activity, a movie clip, a music video, a reading from a book, etc. Anything that grabs the attention of the students and gets them ready to learn.A paragraph writing explaining what the outcomes for this unit would be, why you make the choices you made, and how you would assess student learning.Here is an example of what your mini-project could look like: Personalized Learning Mini-Project EXAMPLEAttachmentsWhat is Personalized Learning?Personalized Learning Isn’t About TechPersonalized Learning and Query Books