Identify one key stakeholder and explain how this stakeholder relates to your topic or proposed project. 

Directions: This is part one of a two-part assignment. In this assignment, you will complete  Dissemination of Evidence Paper Part 1 where you will introduce your topic and clinical question, explain the importance of why your topic of interest should be investigated, provide a summary of the evidence and select an evidence-based practice model applicable to your issue.All articles should be dated within the past 5 years and selected based on the highest levels of evidence from the following categories:Meta-AnalysisSystematic ReviewRandomized Control TrialPrimary/Original Research or Study (Quantitative or Qualitative)The 3 approved scholarly peer-reviewed articles from Unit 2 and the assigned course textbook will be the only sources used for this assignment. 3-4 pages aPA format along reference pageIntegrate the 3 articles throughout your paperIntegrate the assigned course textbook discussing the evidence-based practice model and stakeholder.Use a maximum of one direct quote less than 20 words and multiple paraphrases as supportive evidence throughout the paper with in-text citations and matching references formatted in APA style.Introduction (1 paragraph): Use the approved 3 research articles as sources to:Identify and introduce a nurse-related topic of interest.Describe your interest in the topic.Provide a purpose statement.Clinical Question (1 sentence):  State your revised clinical question based on a nurse-related topic. Do not discuss the PICOT components.Justification of the Topic (1 to 2paragraphs): Discuss two reasons why this topic should be investigated and provide in-text citations to support your claims for each reason.   Evidence-Based Practice Model (1to 2 paragraphs): Use the assigned course textbook as a source to select one evidence-based practice model for discussion:Identify and describe the evidence-based practice model.Discuss why you selected the model (provide in-text citations to support your claims). Identify one key stakeholder and explain how this stakeholder relates to your topic or proposed project. Discuss how the stakeholder aligns with the selected model.Findings (3 paragraphs): Provide in-text citations and report a summary of the findings from the 3 approved scholarly peer-reviewed articles. In one paragraph, summarize each article by identifying the:Type of study or designPurpose of the studyDescription of the sample (describe the sample and state the number of participants)Methods (describe the data collection and data analysis procedures)Results (explain the findings and include statistical significance such as p value or numerical data for quantitative results and themes/concepts for qualitative results)