Identify the full coding and fully explain why you think the scenario is in violation.

Read the following scenario and per the APA Ethical Code of Standards ( American Psychological Association), identify 1 Principle, 2 Standards and 2 of the subsections that the scenario is in violation of. Identify the full coding and fully explain why you think the scenario is in violation.Example of your response in the following format:Standard 6: Record Keeping & Fees6.01 Documentation of Professional & Scientific Work/Maintaining Records6.02 (a) Maintenance, Dissemination, and Disposal of confidential records of professional and scientific work.Principle B: Fidelity & ResponsibilityYour reasoning for the selection of all of these points:Scenario: A School Psychologist is called into an elementary school to assess the intellectual abilities of a male fifth grader whose grades have slipped from an A average to a B average. Although nervous about being tested, the child is put at ease by the School Psychologist. The resulting scores from a battery of newly-developed, radically-different intellectual ability tests (developed by the same School Psychologist) indicate that the child needs to be removed from the classes he currently takes with classmates and be referred to remedial classes. The School Psychologist informs the child’s teacher, the principle, and the parents of the child’s resulting test scores. The School Psychologist emphasizes that only by the referral recommendation and adhering to it can the child be helped.