Identify the organization’s goals and objectives through its mission or vision statement.

Workforce analysis is an integral part of gathering the data needed to develop a comprehensive workforce plan. During workforce analysis, HR reviews data that supports the organization’s strategy. From here a forecast can be made on the demand and supply of talent needed to meet organizational objectives. There are four areas that Human Resource reviews during a workforce analysis:Supply Analysis – To help anticipate future needs, organizations must analyze the mix of skills within the organization to meet staffing needs.Demand Analysis – During this analysis, the organization must determine the ideal state of the organization. For example, understanding the number of people with the knowledge, skills, Abilities (KSAs) the organization will need two to three years from now.Gap Analysis – As supply and demand have been thoroughly reviewed, gaps begin to emerge in terms of number of employees, and skills needed.Solution Analysis – Here the organization devises solutions on how and when it will achieve its goals.Select a global organization of your choice:Identify the organization’s goals and objectives through its mission or vision statement.Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to accomplish its goals and objectives.Complete two out of the four workforce analysis listed above of the global organization you chose.