Imagination inflation: Imagining a childhood event inflates confidence that it occurred

Consider addressing:• How do the data and data interpretation relate to other aspects of memory / cognition (or psychology, more generally) about which you have learned?• Do you see any problems with the evidence used to support the author’s lines of argumentation?• What did you learn from reading this article that was new and/or surprising to you?• How could you apply information in this article to your analysis of your own cognitiveprocesses / experiences, or of your own experiences with the world?• Did the article spur for you any new avenues of interest (introduce you to new areas of psychology, methodologies, research questions, etc.)?• What did you really appreciate about the methods and arguments in the article? Why? What did you disagree with? Why? Spot any problems with the experiment?• Anything else you prefer to mention in your short analysis of the article• Your goal: provide a synthetic, coherent analysis of the information contained in the article