In the context of this paper, how does the distinction between a dialect and a language come to play a role in the American legal system?

Read the attached article: `Language and Linguistics on Trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and other vernacular speakers) in the courtroom and beyond’ [by John Rickford & Sharese King, Language, 2016] and write a summary and response [1000 words total].
A. Provide a short summary of this article. The summary should lay out the big claims made by this article and introduce the reader to the data that the paper uses to make its points.In your response, you should also address the following questions:In the context of this paper, how does the distinction between a dialect and a language come to play a role in the American legal system?How do listener attitudes influence speech perception and evaluation?B. In addition, discuss *one* of the following three questions:What can we do – as individuals who have access to scientific information about dialects and language – to combat dialect prejudice?What were some factors that made Rachel Jeantel less understandable to the jurors?In the context of this paper, what are some interventions the educational establishment could undertake to improve educational outcomes among speakers of non-standard Englishes?Keep in mind that the article is long and 1000 words is not a lot. So your first task is to identify what you think the important ideas are in this article and then decide how to incorporate them into your summary and response. Note that the goal of the project is to summarize — so you’ll largely be reporting the views of the authors. But in the second part where you choose one of three questions to address, you can give your personal take of the discussion as long as you make it clear that this is your viewpoint.The writing assignment has three parts: (i) the first draft (ii) peer review and (iii) the revised version. For this round (i.e. the first draft), we will grade you on content and the structure of your essay. We will give you feedback on the style and grammar of your writing but will not deduct points for it.Note that while you are summarizing someone else’s ideas, you still have to do it in your words. You cannot directly take chunks of text from the article. That would count as plagiarism. We will be watching, argus-eyed, for any instance of plagiarism. Plagiarism will earn you a zero grade and a referral to the Academic Dishonesty Office.To get some tips on how to write well, you could read the first two chapters of Steven Pinker’s book “The Sense of Style”. They are attached below. Also please use spell checkers and avoid spelling mistakes.Format: the essay should be typed in 12 point font and it should be double-spaced. Use the Times New Roman font. We don’t expect citations but if you are citing something other than the Rickford & King paper, use the citation as given in the paper. Display the citation as a footnote.