Indigenous Art Project on the work of: Norval Morrisseau

Research and write a short academic essay (Approximately 6 pages, 12 pointfont, Times Roman, and 1.5 spacing with proper citations and footnotes) on the work of: Norval Morrisseau
The project will include the following components:1. Introduction: Introduce the artist and why he is important. (one page)2. Background: What is the cultural background of the artist, where do they come from? How doesthe environment from which they came shape the kind of work they do? (one page)3. Using 3 or 4 samples of the artist’s work, explain how they represent an indigenous perspective(ontology/epistemology) (2 pages)4. Your reflection: What did this artist’s work teach you about indigenous people and indigenousculture? (one page)5. Bibliography of all sources