Influence of Current Events and Cultural Factors on Emotions

Influence of Current Events and Cultural Factors on EmotionsPsychology of Emotions – Psy 3230 – Research PaperSubmit via Canvas Assignments in MS Word or PDF FormatDUE Thursday, 9/30, by the end of classChapter 3 of your textbook focuses on the various theories and research concerning cultural influences on human emotional experience and behaviors. Read three research articles, (preferably from academic journals) which are relevant to the impact of the COVID pandemic, social/political events, and cultural factors on your emotions. After reading your articles, relate the theories and research outcomes to the culture with which you identify. If you are multi-cultural, write about the similarities and differences between the two or more cultural influences in your family environment. Cultural influences are cited throughout theGive specific examples of how your culture has influenced your emotion-related behaviors and attitudes that affect your emotional experiences, decisions concerning your behavior (actions), and your judgments of the emotion-related behaviors of others. Focus on those aspects or factors that distinguish learning related to emotions as part of your culture of origin versus other cultures in your environment. For example, you might write about when and how you express emotions and how you have learned those behaviors from your cultural environment. Perhaps you have observed friends from other cultures who have learned different ways of expressing or repressing their emotions.You must cite relevant theories and research from your articles and text in order to meet the requirements of this assignment. All papers should be a minimum of 5 pages (not including the reference page and the pages of article summaries). Please DO NOT include a title page, but DO include a reference page. Attach a copy of the abstracts including the title, authors, and publication information for each journal articles after the reference page of your paper. References should be cited in the body of your paper and listed on a reference page in APA format; do not give me URL’s as citations. Guidelines for APA format are available in the library reference section on the first floor or at Use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman or Ariel Font in size 12 in regular (not bold) type, double-spaced. DO NOT USE ENCYCLOPEDIAS, ABOUT.COM, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, 0R DICTIONARIES, etc., AS REFERENCES. (This means no Wikipedia). Papers are to be submitted via Canvas as either doc, docx, or pdf format (no exceptions),


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