Informatics Reflection

When approaching key milestones in life such as graduation and/or going on the huntfor a new job, it is helpful to take time to be alone with your thoughts about these majorevents, your desires, and your goals. Taking time to step back and reflect on whatmatters most to you can help you to make good decisions at these major milestones.Reflect on your experiences related to Informatics – your studies in your concentration,your field experiences, and your future goals.
Write a paper that defines Informatics and your concentration (data analytics) within Informatics. Discuss at least two important issues thatmatter to you, and include a section on your professional aspirations and how you seeyourself contributing to your field in the coming years. Draw upon content from acrossyour program as well as your field experiences to support your perspectives. Be sure toemploy the “moves” you have learned in this course as you write your paper to ensurethat it is clear to the reader what “they say” and what “ you say.”
Submit your reflection paper as a doc/docx or pdf file. Your paper should be at least 4full pages in length and may go on to a 5th page, double spaced, 12 point Times NewRoman. Be sure to add a bibliography and in text citations for the literature you drawupon to write this reflection. There should be 3-4 references cited.