Infrastructure security and policy

In Module 5, you submitted an annotated bibliography of scholarly sources you would use to write your paper. In this module, you will submit your final research paper, which should be based primarily on the resources from your annotated bibliography. Your final essay will be evaluated in terms of how thoroughly you: answer some of the questions posed since Module 2 (working in conjunction with your instructor); use resources to document your main points; and properly cite referenced work. Your essay should address these questions thoroughly and should consist of at least 2,500 words of text (at least 10 pages of double-spaced and 12 point font of text). Use in-text citations and a reference list that will make up an additional page. To successfully complete the final research paper, you will need to organize your responses to questions you selected and those posed by your instructor, and then craft a formatted essay that includes each of the following: A title page; Well-developed introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the essay and briefly referencing some of the main points/contentions offered in the essay; The body of the essay should consist of your effort to best answer the primary questions from the assignment prompt and your interaction with your instructor. It should consist of at least 2,500 words of text (at least 10 pages of double-spaced and 12 point font of text). Though the method by which this is done is largely up to you, it is essential that the responses to the questions in the prompt and your instructor be based upon scholarly readings and should remain at all times defensible (in an academic sense). You have a great deal of information to draw from in creating your essay, including the assigned readings and hyperlinked sources in the module notes. As is the case with every assignment in HEM460, presenting any unsubstantiated, illogical, or indefensible position will have an adverse effect on the final grade. Please direct any questions regarding these expectations to the instructor; A concise concluding paragraph that briefly restates both the purpose of the essay as well as some of the primary argument offered by you, the essay’s author. Be sure the concluding paragraph does not introduce new information; A list of all sources consulted the preparation of the essay. The essay should be formatted according to APA-style documentation. (Links to an external site.) This includes the

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