Initial Business Feasibility Presentation

The goal of the self-narrated executive summary is for you to demonstrate and summarize your knowledge of the development of your business to this point. Use all the assignments you have completed to this point in order and create a presentation that shows your findings and how you plan to proceed.The executive summary should serve as an introduction to the entire business venture keying on the important aspects from previous assignments that would excite an investors. It should include meaningful and significant data and facts that differentiate or leverage your business plans success.The presentation should address the following points:Appropriateness of Working Name to Overall Concept.Clearly identifies; What is it?Clearly identifies; Who it is for?Clearly identifies; What is being sold? Specifically, how and why?Clearly identifies; Where it is located and why? (exact location, such as 1 Fulton Street)Clearly identifies; What it looks like and why; operationally?Clearly identifies; Unique aspects and activities that differentiate the concept from competitors?Read or display each question in your presentation before you start answering it. This enables you to be as visual as you can be in your explanations.Submission Guidelines:You are expected to reference your sources in the presentation as you are explaining or discussing the questions posed.Include a reference list in your presentation.Submit the presentation to the link provided. No email submissions will be accepted. If you are having difficulty submitting your work reach out to me directly.