Instructional Delivery Essay

In general terms, planning means the “act or process of making or carrying out plans.” Instructional planning is a process of the teacher using appropriate curricula, instructional strategies, resources and data during the planning process to address the diverse needs of students. A teacher’s teaching begins before he or she steps into the classroom. Prior to each lesson, unit, semester, or school year, teachers plan the content of instruction, select teaching materials, design learning activities and grouping methods, decide on the pacing and allocation of instructional time, and identify learning opportunities for students. Teachers use state or district curriculum standards, school district curriculum goals and objectives, and learning outcomes developed by professional organizations to plot the scope and sequence of subject topics. Teachers also apply their knowledge of research-based practices to plan strategies and techniques for delivering instruction. The most informative source for all of the instructional planning is the student.

Describe the tasks necessary for scheduling instructional delivery and resources. [NFPA® 1041, 5.2.2]

Please submit this assignment in a minimum of 500 words and in essay format. A cover page, abstract, main body and references pages are ALL required. If not properly formatted the instructor will deduct 5 points per page.

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