Instructional Design Plan

INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN PLAN: IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATIONASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSThe third part of your Instructional Design Plan will center on the Implementation andEvaluation phases of ADDIE. For this assignment, you will submit it as a single, compiled, andfinalized Instructional Design Plan, with each ADDIE phase included, along an ExecutiveSummary. The Implementation phase requires the designer to give learners the product andidentify needs for future improvements. The final phase, the Evaluation phase, requires thedesigner to develop and follow assessment plans to help in the course, seminar, or trainingmodule’s next iteration. The Executive Summary requires the designer to provide an overviewof the plan with pertinent information for individuals to read who otherwise may not have time toreview the entire report.To complete the Implementation and Evaluation phases, we will follow the InstructionalDesign and Development Chart outlined in our text (Larson & Lockee, 2014). For yourImplementation and Evaluation phases, you will complete the following in one Worddocument with a separate Implementation section and Evaluation section. In addition, you willadd an Executive Summary section to the front of your final project submission.For the Implementation section, use the below bullet points, or group bullet points into onewhen applicable, as sub-headings. Since you will not actually be implementing this plan, writethis section as how you plan to implement it. Produce Management and/or Implementation Plan/Guidelines Outline recommended quality control measures Implement, or facilitate implementation, of the instruction Formatively evaluate instruction during implementation Revisit analyses, design parameters, and development specifications Meet with designer(s) to discuss implementation logistics Meet to discuss implications of evaluation resultsFor the Evaluation section, use the below bullet points, or group bullet points into one whenapplicable, as sub-headings. Since you will not actually be evaluating this plan, write this sectionas how you plan to evaluate it. Conduct summative evaluationo How well were learning goals met? Revisit analyses, design parameters, and development specifications in light of evaluationdatao How effective was the course, seminar, or training module?o Where they any technical problems? Produce Evaluation and Future Revision Recommendations Reporto Are there any new training opportunities?EDUC 731For the Executive Summary section, provide the following information and anything additionalthat tells your story or fits your professional context. Remember, this summary should include ahigh level overview of each ADDIE section and allow stakeholders to make decisions based offthis section. The intent of this summary is to sell stakeholders on your instructional design plan.It must be placed at the front of your Instructional Design Plan in your final project submissionand consist of a 400-500 word limit. Background Problem Statement Data Collected Solution(s) Resources Needed Timeline Projected Success