International politics- 3 prompts to choose from

You are required to answer only one question by writing an essay.You may use quotes in your answer. Your essay can be approximately 1250 words. Your evidence should come from thetextbook, class discussions and readings. If you use sources of your own,you must provide correct citations.
Prompts:1.What is the role of theory in the study of internationalrelations? Explain and compare at least two of realist, Marxist or feministtheories in international relations.
2.Evaluate the concepts of realpolitik and geopolitics critically.To what extent have these terms explanative power for working-class people?Please also consider different actors in politics.
3.What are the shortcomings of both Wilsonian principles andLeninism regarding the right to self-determination, if any? To what extent wasdecolonization achieved by colonial countries in the light of these ideas?Please give your examples, or you may refer to the examples of Puerto Rico andSouth Korea.


Identify the types of behavior you are most
interested in explaining, understanding, and predicting in the workplace.

Write a paper on the evolution of Black women’s roles in domestic servitude.

What does this website say about the interpretation of an especially vivid dream.

Write a book report comparing the information in this book with the information learned in your prior courses, Section 1 of this course, and your own experience.

Write a statement of purpose for b.s in information technology program.

Write a summary on Database Design Tips tutorials while incorporating personal experience and understanding.

PECO Analysis Paper

Have you known a leader who practices servant leadership? If so, share your experience of seeing servant leadership in action.

discussing and analysing the relationships between key music industry participants or enterprises or interest groups (eg types of music businesses, record companies, publishers, promoters, artists, fans etc) in a particular area of the music industry

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