International Relations Through Film and Literature

Think about what you know from your own experience and from the materials of this course, about different ideas and attitudes people have about war (For example, is it …useful? …necessary? … unavoidable? …desirable? wrong? … beneficial? … pointless? … exciting? something else?)
ReadChapter 4 of John Mueller, The Remnants of War (pp. 50-65
Answer the following question, which consists of two parts. (Max. 300 words). In the title of your post, write your name and a short title (Max 5-7 words) for your post. Your title should convey some sense of your post content. For example: “Athena – war is awesome”
Question, Part 1. What is the main message or central idea of the song “Universal Soldier”, by Buffy St. Marie? How is this message conveyed, and what is your reaction to it? Do you agree, or disagree with B.S.M.’s take on things? (Explain.)
Question, Part 2. John Mueller writes: “If not for Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler, the war in Europe would likely never have come about.” (p. 54) And: “Militarism was not impelling Germany toward war in the 1930s. Hitler was.” (p. 64) What is Mueller’s central argument here, and what is the implication of this argument for Buffy St. Marie’s Universal Soldier? How would she discuss this idea with Mueller if they were in conversation — and what do you think?