Interview with an Older Adult and Comparison with Younger Adult preferably over 70.Choose someone you can talk with two or three times: a family member, older friend, neighbor, a person in your community or religious organization, or a nursing home resident.Ask them questions and encourage them to talk about their life on the subjects in our textbook (Which will be listed below).You may quote the person, or summarize their answers and thoughts. The successful paper will include terms, concepts, and ideas from the textbook with the life experiences of the older adult to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of adult development and aging.Hope you and the older adult will both enjoy and find value in this interview experience!Then choose another person in a different age group, either Emerging (18-24), Young (25-39), or Middle (40-64) Adulthood. This person could be yourself, or someone else you know well. Compare that person’s experiences to the older adult in each of the categories.Then discuss how historical events, cohort effects, and other issues can influence adult development.What have you learned about adult development through these interviews and life comparisons?Please use these headings in your paper:Introduction to Adult Development (Autobiography, Normative and Non-Normative Life EventsPhysical ChangesHealth and Health DisordersCognitive AbilitiesSocial RolesSocial RelationshipsWork and RetirementPersonalityThe Quest for MeaningStress, Coping, and ResilienceDeath and BereavementThe Successful Journey2. Format: Write a paragraph about the older adult, then a paragraph about the younger adult under each heading.
Presentation:At the end of the paper, write a paragraph that summarizes the comparison between the two lives, and what you learned by writing this paper.Please cover these points:Brief autobiography of the older person interviewed, where they are from, and what happened in their life.Three highlights from your interview, thoughts, or events that you think the class would find most interesting.What did you discover about adult development by writing this paper and comparing the two people, the older adult, and the younger adult?