introduction algebra

This assignment is due by midnight (CST) on Thursday. All replies by midnight (CST) on Sunday.INITIAL QUESTIONPost a question about something you are struggling with so far in this class. It can be a question about a math topic, something in Blackboard, or even something about MyLab Math (MLM). Your initial post MUST be made by Thursday at midnight. The catch…there cannot be any repeats. Therefore, the sooner you post, the easier it will be. Be sure to make your subject line “catchy” in order to draw attention to your post.FOLLOW-UPYou must respond to TWO students’ questions. In your response, you can attempt to answer the question or clarify what the question is asking. You can provide examples, illustrations, pictures, links, videos, etc. Your two follow-up responses must be helpful and completed by Sunday at midnight. You will be graded on the quality of responses.