As astronomer and science advocate Carl Sagan once said, “We live in a society exquisitely dependenton science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”Since a recurring theme in this course is science and technology, it is important to have someunderstanding of certain basic contemporary technologies.Task: Pick one of the GRIN technologies ( Genetics, Robotic, Information Technology and Nano Technologies) that may (or may not) be appealing to you. Do some research onthe subject (nothing extensive) so that you have a better understanding of the technology. Provide asummary of your chosen technology and explain why it may be important in shaping the future. Providespecific examples of recent/current research and possibly near-term goals of some of the researchprojects in these fields.Length: 1000 words of your own wordsWeight: 15%Grading Emphasis: developing an effective subject; writing for appropriate occasion and audience;expressing ideas; spelling; critical analysis; sentence variety; consistent agreement; elimination of non-rhetorical fragments; effective ordering of ideas; punctuation (period, question and exclamation marks,colon, dash, ellipses, parentheses, brackets, commas); formatting; elimination of second person;adoption of formal conventions (i.e., no contractions, using “one” and “we” rather than “I” or “you”);including citations