Is a complete reference provided for the article that the paper is based on? Using the reference, can you find the article?

1)Is a complete reference provided for the article that the paper is based on? Using the reference, can you find the article?2)What is the title of the article used for the assignment?3)What journal was the article published in?4)Is the article a peer-reviewed primary research article? If not, how would you describe the type of article it is?5)According to the student’s paper, what was the question the researcher’s set out to answer?
Rate the following items and Provide an example, suggestion for improvement, etc.How scores work0= Item was completely omitted (state this in the “Provide an example” column).1= Item is included but not clearly, or components were missing (provide an example of something that you feel was omitted or confusing and a statement advising how to improve).2= Item is included completely but lacks clarity, seems confusing (include an example and a suggestion for improvement).3= Item is included, complete and clearly written. The author did an above average job in writing this portion of the paper (give an example to justify the score).
1. Does the author (the student) communicate the context or importance of the question?2.Are the methods used in the original study summarized clearly in the student paper?3. Rate the quality of the student’s discussion of the results. Are the results clearly summarized?4. Was the conclusion made by the researchers included in the student’s paper? Does the student clearly state whether the original research question was answered and what the answer was?5. Did the student provide their own opinion on whether they think the data was correctly interpreted, whether they agreed with the researcher’s conclusions, what might have been done differently, and any further questions for further research on the topic not addressed in the study?6. Overall, rate the grammar, sentence structure, spelling used in the paper


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