Journeys in Fiction

So here are the questions I would like you to answer for this week:1. You have just read two versions of the famous story of Sleeping Beauty that were written 200 years apart. The first was the more familiar version by the Brothers Grimm (“Little Briar Rose”), and the second was an earlier version by Giambattista Basile (“Sun, Moon, and Talia”). Describe some of the differences between the two versions. How do you account for these differences?2. “The Little Match Girl” was written by Hans Christian Andersen, and unlike the stories by the Brothers Grimm, who collected fairy tales told by others, Andersen created his stories from his own imagination. What do you think is the theme of “The Little Match Girl.” That is, what do you think Andersen is trying to teach the reader?3. Finally, describe some of the things that you found surprising or unexpected in the stories. What, if anything, can these stores teach us about the values and ethics of the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries? How do their stories differ from the ones we tell today?Please remember that you have to put up one initial post of at least 250 words and that you have to reply to at least one fellow student with a post of at least 100 words, and remember that these are minimums; more is usually better. Also please note that you will not be able to see any of your fellow student’s posts until you put up your own. A (90-100)Your work on this week’s discussion board was outstanding. Your posts far exceeded the minimumrequirements, both in length and number. And the posts were well written, with very few errors ingrammar and punctuation. You incorporated some outside research, and your responses indicated anaccurate and thorough understanding of the lectures/readings/videos that were assigned. Mostimportant, your comments provided “food for thought” for your fellow students by providing original,surprising insights into the material.