Jurisprudence legal essay

Jursisprudence essay is a thought essay but it has to present arguments supported by mentioning philosphers and their philosophis, but only mention them if they support your argumment. More details are in the attached files. Please use the jurisprudence notes 2 file but try to paraphrase them as they are written by another student. But they are notes taking from the professor classes. Try to use the philophiers legal opinions if they align with the essay argument. The questions he proposed are about democracy in the U.S. and the rule of law. You should basically talk bad about the U.S. and that is going to satisfy the professor. Please read the details in the jurisprudence essay becuase it has the questions of the essay and the whole prompt as well. The essay should not have table of contents or bibliography,but it can have footnotes since it will be using outside the curriculum sources. The essay is 30 pages of analysis not facts!