Lack of access to Canadian healthcare services in rural areas

10 to 12 pages (double-spaced), plusreferences and bibliography1) identify theissues, 2) identify the changes you believe areneeded, and 3) discuss the approach you would propose to implement thesechanges.My intro which you can change but please use telemedicine as one way.One of the tenants of the Canadian Health Act (CHA) is “persons musthave reasonable and uniform access to insured health services, free offinancial or other barriers”. However, of the 18% of Canadians living inrural communities, only 8% of practicing physicians serve rural communities(Wilson et al., 2020). Thus, many rural communities have limited access to notonly physicians but many health services. Rural areas have the highestsocioeconomical burden with limited available services (Jong et al., 2019). Additionally, northern Canada consists largelyof indigenous populations, in having decreased health services within theseregions, thus, largening the health care gap between non-indigenous andindigenous populations adds to inequality (Jong et al., 2019).Northern Canada struggleswith recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals and when people doaccess these services, they tend to have poorer outcomes (Wilson et al., 2020).Surprisingly, there is little evidence based rural-health care planning onnational and provincial levels to provide direction and policy seem to beguided more by urban healthcare models without understanding the potential negativeimpacts in rural communities. (Wilson, 2020).Additionally, providing healthcare to these regions is higher than therest of Canada (Jong et al., 2019)Some changes proposed is 1) Improving retention of healthcare professionals/healthcareworkers 2) Cultural training/ indigionous trained healthcare professionals 3) Betterutilization of technology or virtual care as a way to allow better training.