language, but there must be a clear correlation between the topic and some aspect of language

Specifics:*Length: 2,500-3,000 words (NOT counting the Works Cited page)*Format: MLA (9th edition), both style sheet and documentation. Read the information on MLA style and documentation that I have provided on Moodle; then consult as needed a scholarly website that features this information or an up-to-date handbook. Failure to follow instructions about paper format, citation, and documentation will cost you AT LEAST ONE LETTER GRADE. It COULD result in your going before the Student Conduct Board if the violation is egregious enough.*Research: three to five outside sources/These sources MUST be scholarly in nature and SHOULD be fairly recent (no more than 10 years old). You may not use any essay from your textbook or anything I’ve posted on Moodle. Use a variety of sources, including books, newspaper articles, journal articles, and scholarly web sites. You MUST use at least one printed source, either a book, a newspaper article, or journal article. Remember, these must be scholarly, reputable sources. If you have any questions about how to find scholarly sources, consult either me or an LSUS Reference Librarian.Let me be perfectly clear about some sources you might be tempted to use but MUST not: Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias, enotes, sparknotes, cliffsnotes, student papers, student websites, personal websites, any content aimed at children, etc. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to use these kinds of sources. Using outside sources that are not scholarly will cost you at least two letter grades.*Attach a typed works cited page for all of your outside sources. Your works cited page should list all pertinent information in MLA format (9th edition). The page should be numbered sequentially as part of the term paper. Do NOT use your word processor’s citation/bibliography generator. You will lose points because those things don’t include all pertinent information or format properly.Possible Topics:You are free to choose any topic that involves language, but there must be a clear correlation between the topic and some aspect of language. Topics may be derived from the following areas of language study, or any other area of language study that interests the student. However, it is best to clear the topic with me before proceeding with research. Your paper must have a fairly narrow topic/scope as well. For example, if you choose to write about animal communication, you should limit your discussion to a select number of animals and/or types of communication. Remember your limits: 3-5 sources, 2,500-3,000 word (plus works cited page). Below are some BROAD topics:*Language change and innovation (slang)*Comparative linguistics*Language and literature*Language and education*Language disabilities/impediments to fluency*Language acquisition*ESL*Language and politics (campaign rhetoric, censorship, policies pertaining to language issues)*Language and commerce (advertising, marketing, etc.)*Jargon (relating to professions, pastimes, etc.)*Dialect, sociolect, or genderlect*Pragmatics*Animal communication*EuphemismsThese are only starting places, however. YOU must find something important to say about some aspect of your broad topic.Other notables:*Have a clear thesis statement.*Use signal phrases with all outside sources, whether they are direct quotes, paraphrases, or summaries. Refer to Jewell’s booklet on plagiarism if you’ve forgotten what a signal phrase is. I must know where a source begins (signal phrase) AND ends (parenthetical citation).*Use more direct quotes than paraphrases or summaries. I’ve seen papers that don’t bother to insert even one quote. That is unacceptable. Use at least 2-3 quotes per body paragraph. And it bears repeating: use signal phrases and parenthetical citations.*Make use of conciseness, parallel construction, cohesion, and coherence in your writing.*Submit your paper electronically through Moodle by 11:55 p.m. CST, Saturday, November 20, 2021. Reminder: All late papers will receive a penalty of five points per calendar day.*Label your file clearly with your name and the class number. Example: jane_doe_engl301_paper*Submit the work in one of these formats:MS Word .RTF Open OfficeAny other format will result in an automatic ZERO.Paper grades are assigned based on your overall effectiveness in applying the principles of good writing stated below. To receive a grade of “C” or higher, a paper must:respond to the assignmentpresent a significant thesisfollow a logical planconstruct well developed paragraphs that contain an adequate amount of relevant evidenceuse signal phrases with ALL outside sourcesuse more quotes than summaries or paraphrasesconform to the conventions of standard edited English (So, yes, I WILL be grading your grammar and mechanics!)Very short, underdeveloped papers will not succeed.