law of public communication

Choose a topic of interest in the law of public communication. This will be a researched essay to be submitted by the end of the semester. This essay must have appropriate bibliography (at least five references) and proper footnotes using either APA or MLA format. The research paper should be a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 10 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margin, 12 point font.
Due date: Wednesday, May 11th via email or link in Canvas. You must receive confirmation of receipt of your paper via email from me. Please do not assume I have received it without such confirmation.Your papers will be graded on:Content, including writing quality and comprehensiveness of research (85%);Adherence to complete and proper citation style, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (15%)When writing your paper, please make sure to attribute all direct quotations or block longer quotes. Never write a research paper using first-person pronounsPlease provide a cover page with an appropriate information-title of your research paper, course, your name, and date.Within your paper, you will have an introduction, a statement regarding your topic, and a review of pertinent literature, including major arguments pro and con on your topic. After making an objective—not opinionated—study of the subject, you also are expected to come to some conclusions based on your analysis of the literature.You will use a minimum of 5 acceptable sources—traditional, scholarly sources, such as law journal articles, legal newspapers, cases, statutes and scholarly books, credible web articles, textbooks, newspaper articles, encyclopedia, trade magazines, articles. Please feel free to use all of the links listed on your course page.