Leadership journey

Create a 3-5 Minute Video presentation about your leadership journey:
You must address the following four questions in your presentation. The order you address each is up to you. Please be creative, utilize pictures, storyboard, quotes, PowerPoint or any other means that shares your leadership journey. Students have the option to be creative as long as the points below are covered. It is not required that you are in the video, however including pictures of yourself or if you would like to be in the video are great options.
Summarize the findings from the several assessments that you have taken in this course and 1 significant point you learned/reinforced from each. The High Five Assessment and the Interpersonal Communication Evaluation must be included. The Team Leadership Self-Evaluation and Levels of Commitment Assessment are optional to include.Combine those findings into a description of the leader you are and the leader you aspire to be. Include at least two resources in your presentation (cite both please).Share information, skills, theories, techniques, Ah-ha moments from this semester that you acquired through this course, that you believe will be of practical service to you. How do these fit with the skills and knowledge base you brought to this class? Did you have a special key learning from your peers?Share your “why”. What are you passionate about? Share what your next steps are in your leadership journey. How can these next steps be applied to one of your goals? Be very specific in your description/explanation of each step.